This week: Sarah McCartt-Jackson on the radio hour. Spalding at the Speed. Imaginarium

This Thursday [9.18.14] on the radio hour on, I’ll be chatting with Sarah McCartt-Jackson.

“Kentucky poet, naturalist, and folklorist Sarah McCartt-Jackson has spent decades developing her craft, dedicating her art to exploring the natural and cultural world that encompasses all who share in planet life. Her poetry inspires others to connect, reflect, meditate, and act for the future of our ecosystems of all sizes: valley, prairie, forest, fern. Her poetry interprets scapes (landscape, homescape, culturescape) in both traditional and contemporary ways, exploring biological and cultural diversity, cultural history as embodied in tangible and intangible resources, and profound experience rooted in pleasure, sanctuary, and wilderness.

She was selected to serve as an artist-in-residence for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for its 2014-2015 season. Her poetry collections Children Born on the Wrong Side of the River (Finishing Line Press) and Vein of Stone (Porkbelly Press) are forthcoming (2014). She is owner and founder of Stonelight Studio, home of Apple Cider Vinegar Press.”

Featured Image from Sarah’s web-page


-Lauren Hunter-Smith- & -Sarah McCartt-Jackson-
“Self Portrait at Mammoth Cave.” SQecial Media Picture Poem Contest, First Prize. April (2014).
Exhibited at sQecial Media, Lexington, KY.


The Spalding at the Speed reading series’ first season concludes this Friday.

Local Speed 6p-7:15

“Join Spalding’s MFA in Writing program as we conclude the inaugural season of Spalding at the Speed: A Gathering of MFA and Community Writers in true gala style. MFA alum Michael Jackman showcases his musical talent to kick off the evening. In celebration of the season’s success, previously featured writers read favorite short excerpts from their readings. Featured September readers are poets Rae Cobbs, Karen George, and SueFeatured September readers are poets Rae Cobbs, Karen George, and Sue Driskell; novelist and nonfiction author David Dominé; and novelists Angela Jackson-Brown, K. Shaver, and Sena Jeter Naslund. The evening includes “Jump Start,” an open-mic session for 1- to 2-minute readings of works in progress. Attendees are invited to bring unfinished works to read.”

Also this weekend is the Imaginarium Conference 19-21st

Crowne Plaza Louisville

830 Phillips Ln, Louisville, Kentucky 40209

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