Tasha Golden~Once you had Hands [8.2.16]9am on 97.1 FM WXOX

Tasha Golden will be joining me on the radio hour on Tuesday, August 2nd, 9am, 97.1 FM Louisville or streaming worldwide on artxfm.com .

Tune in to hear poems from her debut book “Once you had Hands” and discussion about the study of creative writing as an outlet for incarcerated and or abused teen women. Her story winds from a poplar songwriter who was increasingly approached by people that connected to her lyrics to a doctoral student of Public Health.



Tasha Golden is the frontwoman and songwriter for the critically acclaimed band Ellery (http://www.ellerymusic.com). Her songs have been heard in major motion pictures, TV dramas, radio, etc, and her prose and research have been published in Ploughshares, Pleaides, and Ethos Journal, among others. Her debut book of poetry, Once You Had Hands (Humanist Press, 2015) explores violence in both intimate relationships and religion. Currently a doctoral student in Rhetoric at the University of Louisville, Golden researches the impact of writing and the arts on public health, and leads creative writing workshops for incarcerated teen women.


“When ‘Christian’ attitudes, rituals, and abuses (physical and mental) are part of one’s formative experience of the richness of life itself, how does one extricate one- self from the perversion of this ‘religion’ yet affirm the glory and terror of existence? This book is a feral cry that invents the only form that can contain it; it’s a cry em- bodied in and ennobled by art, which doesn’t dilute but enhances its power. I am at a loss to describe, even from the outside, that power. I can only urge you to read it.”

– James Cummins, author of Still Some Cake

The book is available through humanist press


Additionally, Subterranean Phrases is making a quiet comeback in a new venue. August 15th will be the premier event featuring Ryan Werner and Gwen Beatty

Ryan Werner is the author of several short story collections and a novella. Of his work, Mary Miller (author of Big World and The Last Days of California) said, “Ryan writes with authority, skill, and passion, not only about the Midwest, but about youth and what it means to be young.” His work has appeared in the Indiana Review, The Rumpus, Smokelong Quarterly, [PANK], Entropy, Juked, and many other places of varying notoriety and popularity.



Gwen Beatty is the author of the short story chapbook Kill Us On the Way Home (Passenger Side Books, 2015) and a forthcoming collection of personal essays. She is the founding editor of Moonsick Magazine, an online literary journal dedicated to publishing significantly female-identified people and non-binary folks. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Juked, Luna Luna, Paper Darts, and some anthology with Joyce Carol Oates.



Dreamland, August 15th, 8pm