Keep Louisville Literary is a blog/project by Louisville writer Brandon Stettenbenz aimed at expanding and interconnecting the Louisville area, greater Kentucky, and regional literary communities. Expect several interviews monthly with upcoming readers and local authors. You can also hear Keep Louisville Literary on ART+FM Thursdays at 1pm. The radio show will feature author interviews, readings, event announcements, and other literary guests (e.g. community/event promoters, journal and press editors, and English/writing educators).


Brandon Stettenbenz, an Indiana University alumnus, has published poems in Straylight magazine, Crack the Spine, and GlassFire. His reviews and articles have appeared in the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO Weekly) and The Paper (Louisville). Brandon also authors the arts blog “Keep Louisville Literary”  aimed at literary community building in Louisville, KY and surrounding regions (KLL is also a radio show streaming Thursdays @ 1pm on ART+FM). Brandon lives in the Highlands of Louisville with his spouse, Ariel, and works locally as a barista and social media consultant.


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