Homegrown this week, more events at McQuixote + Misha Feigin on the radio hour

Misha Feigin is an experimental jazz guitarist with Russian folk influence, he is also a poet, storyteller, and a delightful spirit in our musical and literary community. He has recently released a new book of musings that only Misha’s vast collection of intellect and character could conjure.

Let us go then you and I on a road trip of the mind with Russian born poet Misha Feign. Standing on the outside of our culture looking in at what Henry Miller called “the air conditioned nightmare,” Feign has written a series of stories which help us view what might be familiar with fresh eyes.
Harold Maier, the founder of Twice Told Books

Tune in Thursday to artxfm.com to hear live readings and music by Misha Feigin plus we’ll chat about his adventures.

Events this week:

Today at 8:00pm – 11:00pm [12.17.14]
Al’s Bar of Lexington
601 N Limestone, Lexington, Kentucky 40508

Holler 79 features the debut of plumberries press founding editor, Edwin R. Perry and Chelsea Tadeyeske, proprietress of pitymilk press, author of several books including Totem. Also joining us will be Athens Word of Mouth managing director and author of Robot Cosmetics, Alx Johns. Electric Super Sex, a Morphine tribute lead by Nathan Pendleton (of Sundog Revival) will provide the tunes. Help us celebrate the ending of another fruitful year. Open mic kicks it off at 8pm.


Friday at 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Cedar Grove Coffee House


142 Buffalo Run Rd, Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40165
Deck the walls with all things local. Drink up our good energy. Get in on the good vibes. Calling all homies! It’s our holiday show. Give gifts that mean something. Buy local stuff from our artisans market–books, CDs, artwork, and more. Come for the featured guests. Come for the open mic. Grab a cup of hot chocolate. Be one of the dreamers, the creators, the game-changers. We’re setting Bullitt County on fire!


**Music by Nathan Strange**
**Spoken Word by Jean Kinsey**

Music – Stories – Poems
Bring yours and get in on the act for a chance to win $25 cash!
Open Mic Signups: 6 p.m.

*Due to language and mature themes, the show is recommended for ages 16 and up.

Friday at 6:00pm

McQuixote Books & Coffee
1512 Portland Ave Suite #1, Louisville, Kentucky 40203

We are excited to announce Portland native and author, Brenda Duffey, will be in the shop this winter reading and signing her book, The Peacemaker. Brenda is a regular at our counter and a lifelong writer.

The Peacemaker is historical fiction at its finest. The story begins in 1720 and follows “over ten generations of descendants as they struggle to restore the vision of the Peacemaker and end the continuing cycles of war and famine. It is the story of an American family that loses its connection to the values that made them strong and the efforts to restore those values.”

Join us for a night of local literature with one of our newest friends, Brenda Duffey.

Saturday 8-10pm

McQuixote Books & Coffee
1512 Portland Ave Suite #1, Louisville, Kentucky 40203

Brandon B Shatter Harrison is throwing a slam at McQuixote Books & Coffee and you need to be there! Come see talented slam poets from all over. People are coming from different states so if you’re in Louisville there’s no reason to miss this. Expect standing room only.

You don’t need a chair anyway. Just open ears, open hearts, and an open soul.

The most intense poetry show of the year: The Winter Soul-Spit Slam. The best in Kentucky, St. Louis, Georgia, and beyond will be coming out for the grand prize of $125, the trophy and bragging rights!!!! #whowilltakethegold #shatterseason #iluvbshatter


Write on,

Rachel Short


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