Jack Ramey on Keep Louisville Literary Thursday, July 24th Speaks About His Poetry, Upcoming Novel, and Time’s Cosmic Expanse

Jack Ramey is a poet performer, and professor of writing at University of Indiana Southeast.  He has published two volumes of poetry, The Future Past and Death Sings in the Choir of Light.  Tune into our archive on Mixcloud to hear him read from these and other works on our most recent broadcast of ARTxFM‘s Keep Louisville Literary.

Host John Beechem speaks to Jack about the Angel of Time, Impossible Robotic Perfection, the legacy of the past, the specter of the future, and Jack even reads from his upcoming novel Turtle Island:  A Dream of Peace.  Turtle Island is the name some North American Indian tribes gave to the continent of North America, and this novel is about the formation of the five nations, a collection of tribes brought together with the help of a powerful peacemaker.

This is John’s last show with Keep Louisville Literary for the forseeable future, but he invites you to check out his website, American Fantastic which you can also like on Facebook.  You might also be able to see him at the open mic at Decca on the second Wednesday of every month for Subterranean Phrases hosted by Rachel Short.  John would also like to thank Brandon Stettenbenz and Rachel Short for giving him the opportunity to co-host the show, and especially Rachel for being such a good mentor and inviting him onto the show first place.  He’ll stop writing in the third person, but please keep listening to Keep Louisville Literary and ARTxFM!


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