Today on KLL [5.1.14] 1pm EST Trevor DeCuir and Jeff Wessel with McQuixote Books and Coffee

Trevor DeCuir is a local singer-songwriter, poet, barista, event organizer, dot connector, and now local business owner. He has been involved in a number of projects from a traveling improvisational play called the Dream Revive-All to helping build the riverfront community unity event, the Mighty Kindness Festival. His most recent endeavor is to open a used book & coffee shop with business partners Mickey Ball and Jeff Wessel. Scheduled to open this spring in the new Tim Faulkner Art Gallery, the shop will be a hub for the local community with poetry readings, literary magazines, community events, coffee classes, and reading groups.


“We’re raising money to purchase an espresso machine. With it we’ll make you beautiful espresso, capps, lattes, and more!

We are so excited to bring to life our book & coffee shop for you!

We’ll have an expansive book collection of many first edition and collectible books for you to peruse, a menu with something for everyone, a direct connection to one of the most energetic art galleries in the city, beautiful outside seating for warmer months, reading groups, art communities, and whatever else may manifest!

There are lots of great rewards for helping us reach our goal from free drinks and books to coffee seminars and coffee mugs!  You select whatever works within your budget.

We are currently working in our every spare moment to make this space comfortable and community driven.  Please help us out with this last big piece to our dream!”

 To see how you can help, visit their kickstarter

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