Erin Keane on KLL Thursday, April 24th

Poet and WFPL arts reporter Erin Keane will be on Keep Louisville Literary with host John Beechem from 1:00-2:00 P.M. on Thursday, April 24th (the archive will be posted on Mixcloud). Erin Keane’s new poetry collection is “Demolition of the Promised Land”, and fans of the Boss (a.k.a. Bruce Springsteen) will be happy to learn that the multi-platinum selling artist is an inspiration for Keane and her poems. A New Jersey native, Keane has said that Bruce acts as an “every-man” within her work, and sometimes substitutes as a father-figure for the poet herself.

Erin Keane’s poetry is often humorous and down to earth. She includes rich imagery to describe such mundane tasks as grocery shopping, and also includes a poem about a monster that haunts the Pine Barrens, a new take on an old urban legend. To hear Erin read some of her poems and learn more about how she writes them, make sure to tune into ARTxFM or catch us on Mixcloud!


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