This week: Subterranean Phrases [3.12] and Ron Whitehead on KLL [3.13]

This past weekend was a very musical one and now it’s time to get back to Literary business. As some of you know, I like to keep one foot firmly planted in the music world and one in the Literary world. It’s quite the dance. The reading series I host, Subterranean Phrases, which is coming up on two years of consecutive monthly events, brings together two beautifully related arts: musical and verbal phrases. When I was asked to start a poetry night for the Decca Restaurant cellar lounge, I had been hosting an open mic for some time. I wanted, however, to add some structure to the event and I wanted to provide a reading series that wasn’t already happening. Something that combined my two passions in a way that welded them together. I met with my friend and mentor, Michael Jackman, for coffee. We talked about the readings that used to happen at the Jazz Factory. Jazz and spoken word. That fit’s the bill, exactly. However, with budget in mind and the fact that my musical connections rely more heavily on orchestral, experimental, and players of the popular genre, we decided to blow the whole musical experience open, and pair writers with music of any genre, any stretch of the imagination (my imagination,) that could connect the two.  

I know I’ve lost some writers since the open mic days.  Open mic’s are very welcoming and I only offer 8 open mic slots (5mins each.) But my goal is to get the words OFF of the page. Kill the poet voice. That’s right, I said it: kill the poet voice. Give your words breath, space, music. Let them dance off the page.  Read more slowly and you’ll hear the music in your words. It’s there, trust me.

This Wednesday at Subterranean Phrases will feature Sonja DeVries: poet, journalist, film maker, activist and host of Crescent Hill Radio’s “Ignite the Ink” with music provided by Mothership Ensemble: Jon Silpayamanant, cello, and Jackie Royce, Bassoon.  

Come out and share you work. I will provide musical accompaniment to the first 3 open mic participants. Wednesday [3.12] doors at 8p, 3 open mic slots at 830p, Featured set, and then closing with 5 open mic opportunities. 

Also this WEEK

Thursday on Keep Louisville Literary on 1pm, We’ll be talking with outlaw poet, and organizer of so many poetic and musical amalgamations, Ron Whitehead. Gonzofest starts March 31st and is a full 6days! Ron has put so much heart and dedication into honoring Hunter S. Thompson in this city, the hometown that they shared and love.  We’ll have readings from Ron and talk about the week of events.  



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