I know Brandon has mentioned that Keep Louisville Literary is changing hands, but I wanted to post a greetings and salutations.  John Beechem and I will be taking over all of the social networking/media outlets for Keep Louisville Literary and would like to thank Brandon for founding such a fantastic and concise forum for keeping tabs on all things literary in the area. We hope to uphold the standard that Brandon has set in place, and are excited for the upcoming months for KLL on  Brandon will be hosting Trevor DeCuir on February 27, 1pm,

I have just gained access to this blog, and posted my very first tweet as of yesterday.  It takes some craft to fit an hour long show summation in 140 characters.  If you do not already follow on twitter, you can @keeploulit. The same abbreviation applies to instagram.  I have a learning curve to battle with mixcloud for archived shows, but we do plan to have them all posted in the future (including backlogs.)

John and I plan to get on-site interviews at events such as the ones held at UofL, Spalding, IU southeast, InKY, writers block, etc. not to mention the upcoming Gonzofest.  We hope to incorporate the theatre scene of Louisville by having actors come to the studio and read scripts on air. And we hope to keep a running dialogue between writers and readers.  Keep in touch, keep following, and keep Louisville literary!


Rachel Short


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