Readings in and around Louisville this week!

Tonight (9/26) you can catch a wicked open-mic at Haymarket Whiskey bar (311 E. Market st. Louisville, KY) at 8pm or head over to Headliners music hall (1386 Lexington Rd. Louisville, KY) at 7pm and bring a story (or just your ears) for the Moth storySLAM; theme: “Unintended”.

Tomorrow (9/27) at Al’s Bar (601 N. Limestone, Lexington, KY) Lynelle Edwards and Kasia Pater will read at Holler Poetry Series #52 with musical guest Egon Danielson. 8pm. I’m pretty sure there’s an open-mic to start.

Saturday (9/29) at 7pm @ Quills coffee (327 W. Cardinal Blvd. Louisville, KY) Jimmy Besseck will conclude his three-part reading series with the release of the Megaphone Jones spoken word cassette. As always, the self-made man-poet will be selling his “Official Bootleg” brand chapbooks under the table, for cheap. Conyer Clayton, Mark James, and William Freeman will also read. Music by Alex Glasnovic.

Sunday (9/30) at 5:30pm head over to The Bards Town (1801 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY) for Stone Soup, hosted by Sheri Wright. This month features John James, April Fallon, and Darlene Campbell. Get there early if you want to read or perform on the open-mic.


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