Interview with Rachel Short (reading this Sunday at Stone Soup!)

Rachel Short will be reading at The Bards Town (1801 Bardstown Rd.) during the Stone Soup poetry series this Sunday (8/26).
Ms. Short, poet, composer, musician, and mother, took time from her busy life to tell us a bit about her work.
KLL: How long have you been writing and how did you get started?
RS: I started writing “poetry” my freshman year of high school.  The angst of being a teenager got my pen moving, but hanging out in coffee shops and getting positive feedback fueled the fire. I took my first poetry writing class at a community college and was an editor for their annual review.
KLL: You’ve been involved with promoting other writer’s and events, tell us a little about that.
RS:We have a pretty amazing collection of artists in this city. Varied and real. I think we all need to promote each other, as you are doing.  It’s the only way to keep the soul of the city alive and a great way to continue to be inspired.
(Ms. Short has been organizing the Nulu open mic for over two years, though the monthly event is currently on hiatus)
KLL: Has your college career at IUS encouraged or otherwise influenced your writing?
RS: I have only taken one writing class at IUS and it was absolutely encouraging. Professor [Micheal] Jackman  has a genuine interest in his students writing improvement and bases his teaching on influential essays and poets.
KLL: You’re a composer and musician (most recently performing with “huH RoBots”), does this influence your writing?
RS: I don’t believe so.  I enjoy composing music for other poets, but I tend to keep my poetry separate. My poetry writing has decreased in volume dramatically because I spend so much time with music; even though they go hand in hand, it’s difficult to divide the time.  Performing with huH Robots, however, has improved my musicianship; not to mention [its] a lot of fun.
KLL: Fill us in on your life, to whatever extent you’re comfortable, so we can understand more about where your writing originates.
RS: I’m still trying to figure that out, and I think that is what writing is about, discovery.
KLL: What should we expect on Sunday (at The Bards Town during ‘Stone Soup poetry series’)?
RS: I’m dusting off some forgotten work and reacquainting myself with it.  I’m pulling out the longest, most polished, I can find, but they’re mostly short.  I’m sure the audience will hear some familiar ones as well, because I’ve been reading in the area for awhile and, as I said, I spend most of my time with music.
Stone Soup poetry series happens this Sunday 8-26-12 (and the last Sunday of each month) at The Bards Town (1801 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY 40205). You can rsvp to Stone Soup on Facebook!

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